Robot Control

The AutoScan Collaborative RoboGauge combines Perceptron’s Helix 3D laser scanning sensor with industrial robot technology to create a standardized gauging cell.

A rigid machine base holds both the robot and part fixture with translucent side panels with light-up visual color status indication. The RoboGauge perimeter is monitored using integrated laser scanners, using the diffused reflection of emitted IR laser light to create a 2D programmable detection safety field.

The Helix scanner incorporates a microelectromechanical (MEMS) device that allows for laser line quality, density, length and orientation characteristics to be programmable, eliminating the robot’s need to move the sensor while scanning.
The RoboGauge provides a highly flexible automated shop-floor metrology solution capable of measuring sheet metal, fabrications, moldings and cast parts. RoboGauge can also be used in comparative or absolute inspection mode